About Edheads

Our Mission

Edheads ignites imagination through engaging and interactive online science and math adventures by partnering with educators and industry.

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between education and work, thus empowering today’s students to pursue fulfilling, productive careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Our Values

  • Relevance: Connecting science and math education standards to outcomes related to real-world careers
  • Access: Giving educators a way to influence their students' future career paths with online learning that is free to all users
  • Quality games: Helping teachers, parents and students meet state and national learning goals
  • Evidence: Evaluating the difference made in student STEM knowledge and attitudes toward STEM careers

Connections to Standards

All the activities at the Edheads site will have connections to National and State standards in their teacher sections. Please look for these sections under each activity heading.

Annual Reports

2010 Annual Report

Edheads Personnel

Gail Wheatley, Executive Director

Gail has a passion for fun and informal education and a great deal of experience in informal learning institutions and science education. She brainstorms ideas with Eric, establishes partnerships with scientists, surgeons and people and corporations that do interesting things. Gail writes the grants and the storyboards for the activities, manages the projects overall, crunches lots of numbers and does the long term planning for Edheads. She's always on the lookout for great new ideas and people who have them. She lives with two monster Westies (no, that is not an oxymoron) whose current science experiment is determining how many times they can dig up an apple tree before killing it.

Sarah Smail, Director of External Communications

Whether teaching her stuffed animals how to add at age five, combusting hydrogen balloons in the name of science education, or (slightly more sedately) teaching middle school science and math, Sarah has always been all about education, especially STEM. She is responsible for much of Edheads’ social media presence (and loves that she can call scrolling through Twitter “work”), applying for grants, and finding ways to make Edheads even better for teachers and students. In between all of that, she finds time to work as a personal butler for two demanding bunnies and one pint-sized mad scientist in training.

Jen Cassidy, Director of Philanthropy

Jen developed a love for exploring how the world works at an early age because she had the opportunity(?!) to grow up without a television. Captain Kangaroo riding an elephant at the same time my Mom was watering the plant sitting on top of the TV didn’t mix well – spark, pop, smoke! Jen has worked in the informal science education field for 20 years, including many years working with Gail. Jen is responsible for raising funds from individuals and companies so Edheads can keep developing cool new games and keep offering all games for free to students and teachers across the world. Jen lives with a handsome husband, beautiful baby and two cats – one calm, polite, affectionate three legged love bug and one rambunctious, inquisitive, independent goofball who likes to "talk back" when he’s doing something wrong.

Eric Bort, Creative Director

Eric is responsible for the fun and interesting graphics and much of the humor of the site, as well as its functionality. He brainstorms with Gail, struggles with file size, accomplishes all the technical stuff, and fights regularly with his cat for space in his favorite chair. His background is in multimedia design, cat distraction, creative development, and interface design. He has extensive experience designing web sites, producing Flash animations, and preventing Gail from imploding. For more of Eric's work check out Clearly Trained.

Sarah, Eric and Gail delight in watching the kids in their test audiences use the site. They are and will remain eternally grateful to their teacher and school district partners and funding organizations for allowing them to have jobs that don't feel like work!

Board of Directors

Jason Elvers, Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease, LLP, Columbus, Ohio
Jill Perkey, Teacher, Hilliard City Schools, Hilliard, Ohio
Angie Williams, Teacher, Adena Local Schools, Frankfort, Ohio
Scott Schweitzer, Strategy Group for Media, Delaware, Ohio
Deb Karolin, Girl Scouts of Ohio's Heartland, Columbus, Ohio
Genevieve Sharron, Giant Eagle, Columbus, Ohio
Christine O'Malley, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Eileen Ulry, Ohio Health, Columbus, Ohio

We are currently looking for a fundraising guru for our Board. If you live in central Ohio and are interested in being on the Edheads Board of Directors, please contact info@edheads.org.

Contact Us

For all questions, comments, and concerns, please send an email to info@edheads.org.


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