Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

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Credits and Thanks

Funding by The Ohio State University Medical Center


Ohio State University Medical Center, Department of Neurosurgery
– Content Resource and Accuracy

Sara T. R. Widing
Director, Neurosciences – Project Management

Medtronic, Inc.

David Moxness
Procedure Solutions Specialist – Content Resource and Project Support

Tom Moen
Active Development Manager – Content Resource

Brain Sounds and Images provided by Medtronic, Inc.

Additional Sounds provided by:

Dr. Phillip Starr
Associate Professor of Neurosurgery, University of California, San Francisco


Project Production and Development:

Project Director

Gail Wheatley

- Research
- Script Writing
- Activity Ideas & Concepts

Creative Director
Eric Bort

- Programming
- Lead 2D & 3D Development

Matt Hicks
- Programming
- Character Illustration
- 2D & 3D Development
Steve Galgas
- Drape illustration

Adam Verner

- Voice Overs
Joan Harless
- Text Editing
Additional Production and Development provided by:

Clearly Trained -:- Corporate eLearning & Flash Development


We have many people to thank!

Edheads Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery is presented by The Ohio State University Medical Center. Thanks for the generosity and support!

The following schools, teachers and students were instrumental in helping Edheads produce the Brain Surgery Activities:

Medtronic, Inc.
For answering questions (many, many questions) patiently and for providing sounds and images to enhance the site.

Jill Perkey
Hilliard City School District, Hilliard, Ohio

Jill Perkey's 8th period class.  We can't name you all, but you know we luv you!  :-)

Thanks for the ideas, creativity, fun, and class time!