Crash Scene Investigation

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Credits and Thanks

Funding by

Research and Support

Ohio State Highway Patrol:
Trooper Fred Cook, Sgt. Toby Wagner, and Sgt. Frank Horvath

Project Advisory Panel

Christina Whitson:
Hilliard Davidson High School

Crystal Madigan:
Hilliard Darby High School

Jeff Branson:
Columbus Public West High School

Kate Victor:

Hilliard Davidson High School

Lauren Smith:
Hilliard Davidson High School

LeeAnn Cannistra:
Hilliard Davidson High School

Rich Boettner:
Hilliard City Schools

Additional Sounds provided by:

Dr. Phillip Starr
Associate Professor of Neurosurgery, University of California, San Francisco


Project Production and Development:

Project Director

Gail Wheatley

- Research
- Script Writing
- Activity Ideas &      Concepts

Creative Director
Eric Bort

- Programming
- Lead 2D & 3D   Development

Matt Hicks
- Programming
- Character Illustration
- 2D & 3D Development
Steve Galgas
- Environments and Character Design

Adam Verner

- Voice Overs
Joan Harless
- Text Editing
Additional Production and Development provided by:

Clearly Trained

Clearly Trained -:- Corporate eLearning & Flash Development

We have many people to thank!

Edheads Crash Scene is presented by the CarMax Foundation. Thanks for the generosity and support!

The following schools, teachers and students were instrumental in helping Edheads test the Crash Scene Activities:

Hilliard High Schools:
Lauren Smith, Christina Whitson, Crystal Madigan, Jenny Kieffer-Gerkens, Roseanne Hetterscheidt

Gahanna Lincoln High School: Derek Straiton

Highland High School:
Bradley Smith

West High School, Columbus: Jeff Branson

Middlesex High School, Saluda, VA:  Jim Hunt and John Porter

Ozark Mountain Schools, AR:  Evelyn Langston

Shallowater High School, TX:  Tammy Pickering

Jenison Public Schools, MI:  Dave Tchozewski

Centerville High School, TX:  Maura Roach

Olentangy Liberty High School, OH: Dave Hale

We can't mention them all by name, but we sure appreciated the time, comments and feedback of the 300+ students who helped test the Crash Scene activities.  Thanks for the ideas, creativity, fun, and class time!

Edheads would also like to sincerely thank Trooper Fred Cook of the Ohio State Highway Patrol for putting in a LOT of extra time to help us produce these activities; Sgt. Toby Wagner for sticking with this project through four years of grant writing and Trooper Mark Leach for skidding all over the place for us.