Stem Cell Transplant

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Credits and Thanks

Funding by:

National Center for Regenerative Medicine:
  • Michael Gilkey - Acting Executive Director
  • Horst von Recum
University Hospitals
  • Kenneth Cook
Hilliard City Schools:
  • Richard Boettner - Director of Technology
  • Jill Perkey - Anatomy Teacher and Edheads Board Member
  • Lauren Smith - Forensics, Chemistry and Physics Teacher
  • Roseanne Hetterscheidt - Honors Biology and Chemistry Teacher
Project Production and Development:

Project Director
Gail Wheatley

- Research
- Script Writing
- Activity Idea & Concepts

Creative Director
Eric Bort

- Programming
- Lead 2D & 3D   Development

Adam Verner
- Voice Over Recording
Matt Hicks
- Character Animation

Additional Development provided by
Clearly Trained

We have many people to thank!

Edheads Stem Cell Line Activity is presented by the National Center for Regenerative Medicine.

Thanks for the generosity and support!

Debra Grega, previous Executive Director of NCRM, who came up with a lot of the ideas we’re using here.  Thanks for sticking with these concepts through all the painful funding battles!

Thanks also to Nicole Mackey Rife and John Rife for sharing their story of life with AML. It wasn't easy dealing with the disease and it probably wasn't easy sharing as much as they did, but we greatly appreciate it!

The following organizations and personnel helped Edheads test the Stem Cell Transplant activity:

Jill Perkey, Lauren Smith and Roseanne Hetterscheidt

We can't mention them all by name, but we sure appreciated the time and comments of the 300 Hilliard Davidson High School students who helped test Stem Cell Transplant. 

Thanks for the ideas, creativity, fun, and class time!