2-3 Resources

  • Simple Machine Introduction Questions - Created by: mtgeorges Activity Category: Simple & Compound Machines Resource Category: Discussion Questions Recommended Grade Level: 2-3 Discussion Questions: Type or paste yoMark Georges Discussion Questions for Introduction to Simple Machines Why do we use machines? Which type of machine do you use when installing a light bulb? Which type of machine do you use […]
  • Science Buddies by Laura Candler - Created by: cindyhepp Activity Category: Weather Resource Category: Additional Resources Grade Level: 2-3,4-5 Type of Resource: Book, DVD, Website Additional Resource Description: Laura Candler has a plethora of resources on her website: lauracandler.com. She has published several books that are available via Kagan Publishing, including the book I am recommending: Science Buddies. This book provides […]