Simple & Compound Machines Assessment


Simple & Compound Machines Assessment – Lea Hodges

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Simple & Compound Machines Assessment (2nd & 3rd Grade)

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Simple & Compound Machines
Look at the picture and match it to the simple machine by circling the correct letter answer. You will use each simple machine name only once.
1. a) inclined plane b) wedge c) lever
2. a) wheel & axle b) screw c) pulley
3. a) wedge b) lever c) inclined plane
4. a) inclined plane b) pulley c) screw
5. a) pulley b) wedge c) wheel & axle
6. a) wheel & axle b) screw c) lever

Read the description on the left and match it to the simple machine on the right.
Write the letter answer on the line given.

7. Helps you lift heavy objects. _______ A. Screw
8. A flat surface that is slanted. _______ B. Pulley
9. Helps hold things together. _______ C. Lever
10. Push down on one end and the other end D. Wheel & Axle
Moves up and pushes against object. _______ E. Wedge
11. Can help you cut. _______ F. Inclined Plane
12. Helps things go and turn. _______

Read the questions below and circle the best answer to fill in the blank:
13. A __ is a spiral ridge that winds around a screw. A) String B)Thread C) Wire
14. An__ is a rod in the center of a wheel. A) Axle B) Bar C) Crane
15. The __ turns around the axle. A) Circle B) Wheel C) Octagon
16. Wheels and axles help move objects __. A) Slower B) Up C) Faster
17. Use and inclined plane to move objects__. A) Right B) Left C) Up & Down
18. A lever is a long, stiff __. A) Bar B) Paper C) Coin
19. The lever rests on a point called a __. A) Pyramid B) Fulcrum C) Triangle
20. A wedge has a __ tip. A) Wide B) Big C) Narrow
Match the type of work to the simple machine. You will use each simple machine only once. Circle the best answer.

21. Lifting, moving, pushing, and pulling. (Inclined Plane, Wheel & Axle)
22. Cutting, splitting, and pushing. (Lever, Wedge)
23. Pulling and lowering. (Screw, Pulley)
24. Carrying, pushing, and mixing. (Wheel & Axle, Screw)
25. Moving and lifting. (Inclined Plane, Lever)
26. Holding and lifting. (Screw, Wedge)
Read the questions below and answer T for True and F for False:
27. Ancient people invented simple machines. ____
28. Machines don’t help make our life easier. ____
29. Machines that only have a few parts are called a simple machine. ____
30. Two or more simple machines together make up a complex machine. ____
31. There is only one type of lever. ____
32. A lever’s load, force, and fulcrum can be in different places. ____
33. A bike is a simple machine. ____
34. Work is using force to move an object across a distance. ____
35. Scissors are a simple machine. ____
36. Anything that changes the speed, direction, or motion of an object is called force. _____
Read and answer.

37. Name all 6 simple machines: _____________________________________

38. Name the 3 types of levers: _____________________________________

Standards Type: Local Standards

Standards Explained:
Meets Virginia SOL standards for 3rd grade

Class Management and Safety Issues:
Usually done individually. Could be done in pairs or small groups to get the social piece where the students can discuss problems, look up answers, and research via internet, experiments, and books

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