Counting Candy


Created by: RKarlin

Grade Level: 2-3

Activity Category: Crash Scene Investigation

Resource Category: Hands-On Activities/Labs

Activity Description: Students create a data base using multi-colored candies then create a spreadsheet and graph showing their data.

Time required to do activity:
More than one hour

Time required to set up:
Less than 15 minutes

Time required to clean up:
Less than 15 minutes

Space needs:
computer lab with one computer per student or pair of students

Cost per class of 25 students:

Items needed and where to get them:
Students bring in a snack pack size of multi-colored candy, such as M&M, Skittles, Jolly Rancher, etc. NOTE: You may want to stress that parents not send in any candy containing nuts or nut products.

Activity Instructions:
Students sort the candy in their packet by color. They then, using a data management program such as Microsoft Excel or Appleworks Numbers, enter the data indicating how many candies there were of each color into a spread sheet. Using the program capabilities students then construct a graph or chart showing their results.

Standards Type: Local Standards

Standards Explained:
Illinois Goal 10 – Collect, organize, and analyze data using statistical methods; predict results; and interpret uncertainty using concepts of probability.

Class Management and Safety Issues:
Prohibit candy containing nuts or nut products.

Tags: graphing, data base

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