Predicting Weather


Created by: bboykin

Grade Level: 4-5

Activity Category: Weather

Resource Category: Hands-On Activities/Labs

Activity Description: This is an internet review using the “Weather” activity on Edheads.

Time required to do activity:
15-30 minutes

Time required to set up:
Less than 15 minutes

Time required to clean up:
Less than 15 minutes

Space needs:
Tables or Computer Stations

Cost per class of 25 students:

Items needed and where to get them:
Computer with internet access and the note guide.

Activity Instructions:
This is an internet review using the “Weather” activity on Edheads. This activity can be completed individually or with partners. Have the students access the internet and follow the steps on the note guide. Be sure to instruct the students to carefully read through to find the answers to some of the questions. This activity is a great review of predicting weather!

Standards Type: Local Standards

Standards Explained:
Students will analyze weather charts/maps and collect weather data to predict weather events and infer patterns and seasonal changes.
– Using a weather map, identify the fronts, temperature, and precipitation and use the information to interpret the weather conditions.
– Use observations and records of weather conditions to predict weather patterns throughout the year.

Class Management and Safety Issues:
If you have a computer monitoring program available such as LanSchool, it is very easy to manage and insure that the students are on task.

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