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Grade Level: 2-3,4-5

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Laura Candler has a plethora of resources on her website: She has published several books that are available via Kagan Publishing, including the book I am recommending: Science Buddies. This book provides activities that allow students and parents to become involved in engaging homework activities related to classroom investigations and content. It includes tips for implementing the Science Buddies Program, activities, reproducibles, tips for success, and relevant cooperative learning structures.

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Standards Type: National Standards

Standards Explained:
The science teaching standards describe what teachers of science at all grade levels should know and be able to do. They are divided into six areas:

The planning of inquiry-based science programs.

The actions taken to guide and facilitate student learning.

The assessments made of teaching and student learning.

The development of environments that enable students to learn science.

The creation of communities of science learners.

The planning and development of the school science program

Science Content Standards: earth and space science, science as inquiry, physical science

Unifying Concepts and Processes Standards:

Evidence, models, and explanation.

Change, constancy, and measurement.

Form and function.

Science as Inquiry Standards: Understanding of scientific concepts.

An appreciation of “how we know” what we know in science.

Understanding of the nature of science.

Skills necessary to become independent inquirers about the natural world.

The dispositions to use the skills, abilities, and attitudes associated with science.

Class Management and Safety Issues:
The book contains relevant cooperative learning strategies and tips for successfully implementing them in your classroom. Laura Candler is a phenomenal teacher for teachers! Having been a top-notch educator herself for many years, she knows what it takes to successfully implement a wide variety of activity and content in the classroom. Her publications always include tested and perfected suggestions and routines for classroom management and for making the most of every activity.

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