Simple Machine Treasure Hunt


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Grade Level: K-1,2-3,4-5,6-7

Activity Category: Simple & Compound Machines

Resource Category: Hands-On Activities/Labs

Activity Description: Walk through the school and find at least 2 examples of each type of simple machine. Write the names in the box.

Time required to do activity:
15-30 minutes

Time required to set up:
Less than 15 minutes

Time required to clean up:
Less than 15 minutes

Space needs:
The class will walk through the school.

Cost per class of 25 students:

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Activity Instructions:
Give each student a “Simple Machine Teasure Hunt” activity sheet. Make sure each student has a pencil/pen. Beginning in the classroom, look for examples of different types of simple machines. When the students find one, they will write it in the appropriate box.

Depending on the age and ability of the students, the teacher may guide students as much or as little as needed. Special needs students may need a lot of prompting to find examples. Allow for repetition if needed.

Standards Type: Local Standards

Standards Explained:
Students will investigate relationship between force, mass, and the motion of objects. Demonstrate the effect of simple machines (lever, inclined plane, pulley, wedge, screw, and wheel and axle) on work.

Class Management and Safety Issues:
Depending on age of students and their abilities, have students work in groups of 2 or 3. Let them choose one person to be the recorder or the person who writes the answer on their worksheets. Also, care must be taken if the students are going outside.

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