Simple Machine Treasure Hunt


Activity Category: Simple & Compound Machines

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Resource Category: Worksheets and Paper/Pencil Activities

Grade Level: 8-9

Cut out examples of simple machines. Glue/tape/paste them to your worksheet in the correct box. Or draw examples of simple machines in the correct boxes.

Time Required: One class period

Space Needed: Desk or small group tables

Standards Type:Local Standards

Standards Explained:
Students will investigate relationship between force, mass, and the motion of objects.
Demonstrate the effect of simple machines (lever, inclined plane, pulley, wedge, screw, and wheel and axle) on work.

Standards Explained:
Depending on age and ability of students, you may want to assist with cutting and attaching pictures to the worksheet. You could have pictures of various examples already printed and allow students to choose the correct category of simple machine. Or you could allow students to draw various examples of simple machines.

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