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Grade Level: 6-7,8-9

Simple Machines: Which one is easier?

Read the type of everyday objects found in our school or homes. Circle the one that is easier to use.

Stage curtains : Pull open Use pulley
Flag pole: use pulley climb pole and tie flag to top
Mop bucket–wheels carry roll
Mop bucket–wringer use wringer lever wring out with hands
Door pry door open use door hinge
(Bus) Ramp pick up wheel chair and lift onto curb roll person in wheelchair
Broom sweep pick up trash by hand
Stapler use staples hand papers together
Scissors rip paper in half cut
Screws screw in screws hold together with hands
Plastic bottle rip top off use screw top lid
Can opener use can opener rip can open with hands
Soda can rip can open with hands use pop-top
Rolling cart roll books on cart carry stack of heavy books

Standards Type: Local Standards

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GA Performance Standards: 8th grade
Students will investigate relationship between force, mass, and the motion of objects. Demonstrate the effect of simple machines ( lever, inclined plane, pulley, wedge, screw, and wheel and axle) on work.

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