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I teach 3rd graders a unit on the human body. We cover the skeletal system, digestive system, and the food pyramid. I tell them that they must study and show that they can be good doctors. We cover the material for about a week or two then I tell them that they are ready to be doctors. On a designated day, the students dress up in scrubs, surgical masks, caps, and shoe covers, gloves, and other surgical supplies that have been donated by local doctors and hospitals prior to the unit. On the “Surgery Day”, we march in a line in our “doctor gear”, to the computer lab where all of the computers are set to – knee surgery. The students begin to do the knee surgery program. After knee surgery they progress onto hip and brain surgery. They become so engrossed in the activities that they almost believe they are really doing surgery! It is the most exciting role play of the year! I am known at my school for “Surgery Day”. The local newspaper has even featured us several times through the years.

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Louisiana Content Standards – Science – Third Grade

41. Describe how the components of the skeletal system function (LS-E-A5)

34. Describe what the human body needs to grow and be healthy (LS-E-A1)

11. Use a variety of appropriate formats to describe procedures and to express ideas about demonstrations or experiments (e.g., drawings, journals, reports, presentations, exhibitions, portfolios) (SI-E-A6)

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