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Welcome to the power behind Edheads – teacher creativity and innovation!

Our Teacher Resource Center is the place to find or share new ideas and curriculum related to Edheads’ games. We encourage you to upload your ideas and new lesson plans, or search through the tried and true ideas shared by your colleagues. Created by teachers, for teachers, this Resource Center is here for you.

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Discussion Questions – Age appropriate ideas to discuss with your students.  These ideas do require student thought, but don’t require any materials or prep time!

Classroom Assessments – A variety of tests, quizzes and other assessments created by teachers.

Hands-on Activities/Labs – Activities involving materials or manipulatives and usually involving set up or clean up time.

Worksheets and Paper/Pencil Activities – Ways to extend the learning that offer ‘proof of use’ or that get students thinking or researching Edheads’ game topics further.

Class Management Comments – Suggestions or ideas to use our games in the best possible way with real students in real classrooms.

Additional Resources Books, DVDs, web sites or other resources you would recommend be used in addition to an Edheads’ game.

ProjectsFor larger activities that take three or more class periods, can involve significant student time outside of class and/or involve student presentations, like a semester-long assignment.