Vocabulary Activity-Show, Don’t Tell


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Grade Level: 4-5

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“Show, Don’t Tell”
Each group has been assigned a vocabulary term. With your group, read the word and its definition. Now, using coloring supplies draw an illustration of your word. Next, decide on an action that “shows” your vocabulary word. You will be presenting this to the rest of the class. **Remember that you are working with others on this activity. It is important to hear everyone’s thoughts and ideas. Treat every member of your group as you would like to be treated. 

lever a bar that moves on a turning point

pulley a simple machine that uses wheels and a rope to move objects up, down, and across a long distance

wheel and axle moves objects across a distance using a wheel and axle

wedge two inclined planes working together (one end is wide while the other tapers to a point)

screw special type of inclined plane where the inclined plane is wrapped around a pole

inclined plane a flat surface

fulcrum the support and pivot point of a lever

load “stuff” that needs to be moved

effort the work you put into something

Time Required: 1 class period

Space Needed: Students will need to work in small groups around the room to complete this activity.

Standards Type:National Standards

Standards Explained:
Determine or clarigy the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases based on grade 4 reading and content, choosing flexibly from a range of strategies.

Standards Explained:
Divide class into 9 groups. After each group has finished its illustrations, show the class each picture. Have the group that created the illustration come up and “show” their word (do the action they created). Then classmates will try to guess which word it is. After guessing correctly, have the class look at the picture, say the word, then do the action. Do this for each vocabulary word. Do this at the beginning of each class period to review the chapter’s vocabulary terms.

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