What Weather Do We Need?


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Activity Category: Weather

Resource Category: Discussion Questions

Recommended Grade Level: 2-3,4-5

Discussion Questions:
1. What impact would changing the weather of the Midwest have on our economy?


Standards Type: Local Standards

Standards Explained:
Social Studies: Explain how the movement of goods, people and ideas impact the community.

Social Studies: Summarize the elements (cultural, demographic, economic and geographic) that define regions (community, state, nation and world).

Social Studies: Compare various regions according to their characteristics.

Class Management and Safety Issues:
Have students work together in groups of 2 or 3 to develop a plan for:
1. Figuring out “normal” Midwest weather.
2. FInd what crops are grown in the Midwest.
3. How are these crops important to the whole country?
4. What types of climate and weather is necessary for these crops?
5. How does the weather affect the supply and demand of these crops?

Tags: social studies, weather, integration, third grade

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