Corporate & University Partners

Edheads partners with a number of individuals, colleges, universities, and corporations to bring our activities to life and keep them free for millions of people. Here's an example of a few of our recent partnerships:

  • We have a multi-year, multi-activity partnership with the Ohio State University College of Engineering to develop a number of activities to get K-12 students interested in engineering, with a particular interest in increasing girls' interest in the subject. OSU helps us find, write and submit grants and then is the content expert for the activities we are developing.

  • Case Western Reserve University's National Center for Regenerative Medicine both sponsored and provided the content experts for three activities on stem cells.

  • The Ohio State University Medical Center both sponsored and provided the content experts for Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery.

  • A local surgeon approached us about providing a surgery activity in her area of specialization. She has provided introductions to vendors in the field and is helping us raise money for the activity. When it is fully funded, she will also be the content expert to help us develop the activity.

  • A group in Dayton, Ohio is partnering with us to help develop and fund an activity on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), again helping us talk to the right people about funding and helping us with content knowledge.

If you are interested in having your organization or university partner with us on an activity, please contact us.

School Partners

Edheads is currently partnering with Columbus Public Schools and Hilliard City Schools. These districts have agreed to provide a small number of teachers to assist Edheads in its project development, testing, and re-definition of education in the online environment. The participating teachers are compensated by Edheads and help us in their after school time. School districts provide:

  • An occasional place to meet.

  • Letters of support for grant applications that we submit.

  • Someone at the district level to identify the teachers and provide their contact information.

  • The students of the participating teachers will be used for testing the activities Edheads has developed.

  • Promotion for the activities by distributing a postcard (provided by Edheads) within their districts. The postcards are given to teachers of students in the targeted grade range of the activity and are typically distributed through existing interoffice mail channels.

Become a Partner

If you would like to partner with Edheads to develop educational activities that will help promote an interest in science and technology, please contact us. We'll get right back to you with the project process and plan of action for our current and upcoming projects. We are an established nonprofit corporation and donations are tax deductible. We reach teachers and students across the nation and provide a critical service to many under-served audiences. There are differing levels of benefits for those interested in donating money or in sponsoring a portion of the site. To receive information on these levels, please contact us today!

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