STEM Pros:

Ahado Abukar: Maintenance / Engineering Scheduler & Planner

Maintenance/Engineering Scheduler and Planner

Forge Biologics

Please provide a summary of your job or research. What is an average day like?  What are some duties performed?

GMP means Good Manufacturing Process, which means that the products produced by the manufacturing meet the best standards for pharmaceutical products. I am responsible for leading the overall planning and scheduling of planned and corrective maintenance work for both GMP (used for pharmaceutical grade products) and non-GMP assets (used for research grade products).   The Maintenance Planner / Scheduler leads the maintenance planning discussions and coordinates with site department asset owners to schedule maintenance activities.  The Maintenance Planner / Scheduler prioritizes work with departments based upon GMP criticality, Safety and Operational requirements.

What is your educational background and what prompted you to go this direction?

I went to school for biology, I have always had a love for science and engineering. I just always knew I wanted to do anything in these fields. It brings me a sense of purpose knowing I get to be a representation for girls and boys that look like me. That’s so important to me, especially being a single mom. I am making a small difference in the world for a better tomorrow for innovation and representation.  I am literally living my big girl dreams.

What have you struggled with or overcome in your educational path or life path to get to this point? 

I have struggled with completing school on time after becoming a mother at 19. I had so many moments of doubt, especially seeing all my friends completing school on time. The feeling that it would never happen for me. I had to learn to give myself grace and take on this journey at my own pace. It doesn’t need to look like everyone’s story. I am still trying to complete my degree.

What is the best part of your job/research? 

Learning and being challenged every day. It keeps me on my toes, if I am not being challenged and constantly learning I get bored.

What is the worst part?

Worst part I would say is always having to prepare for the worst. It keeps me challenged and has improved my trouble shooting skills, but it gets exhausting.

What’s the most exciting part of your job? 

Getting to work with so many brilliant minds. I have learned so much about myself and it has transformed me for the better.

What has changed about your profession in the past ten years? 

I went from working in a research lab to be on a maintenance and engineering team, and I did not see this for myself at all.

What do you think will change in the next ten?

I would love to be in a leadership position in the future, I know I still have some learning and growing to do before I get there. Who knows, I might go into consulting.