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What is Edheads?

Edheads is a non-profit organization, which creates unique, educational web experiences for teachers, students and parents. We have over 12 million people a year using the site to learn about science, technology, engineering, math, and careers. We are a membership based site, but also rely on donations to offer free games and keep membership fees low. Please make a donation to help us meet our mission.

What can I do at Edheads?

You can check out our activities! Currently, we have the following activities available:

Activity Title Grade Level Topics Covered
Simple Machines 2-6 Identification of simple and compound machines.
The Compound Machine 2-6 Compound machines, understanding/predicting forces.
Weather 4-9 Weather symbols, predict the weather.
Design a Cell Phone 5-8 Engineering design, charts and graphs, careers.
Manufacturing Technician  5-8  Percentages, estimates, measuring, logic
Trauma 7-12+ Anatomy, critical thinking, prescription drug abuse, consequences
Deep Brain Stimulation 7-12+ Anatomy of the brain, Parkinson's, careers.
Virtual Knee Surgery 7-12+ Anatomy of the knee, bones, careers.
Choose the Prosthetic 7-12+ Critical thinking, anatomy of the knee.
Virtual Hip Replacement 7-12+ Anatomy of the hip, careers.
Virtual Hip Resurfacing 7-12+ Anatomy of the hip, careers.
Aortic Aneurysm Surgery 7-12+ Anatomy of the torso, circulatory system, careers.
Sickle Cell DNA 9-12+ DNA, genetic diseases, protein folding, family history, Punnett square
Crash Scene 9-12+ Forensics, physics, trigonometry, critical thinking, careers.
Create a Stem Cell Line 10-12+ Stem cell basics, vocabulary.
Stem Cell Transplant 10-12+ Current application of stem cells, new research.
Stem Cell Heart Repair 10-12+ New research with stem cells, evaluating research.
Nanoparticles and Brain Tumors 10-12+ Chemistry, engineering, careers.

Click here for a description of the recommended grade levels.

How come the activities don't work on my computer?

You may not have all the stuff you need. To view our activities you will need:


If you're still having problems viewing activities on Edheads, click here.

Why do some activities take a long time to download?

Our activities have cool graphics, great sound, and a ton of animations, so the size of some activities can be pretty big. This means activities will take longer to download if you have a slower connection.

What if I see an objectionable advertisement?

Please copy the web address on the ad and send it to us at We make every effort to keep objectionable material off the Edheads website and appreciate reports that help us keep the site appropriate for all ages.

What if I have an idea for a new activity?

E-mail and let us know. We can't guarantee we'll turn your idea into reality, but we do listen and we do make every attempt to accommodate our users. We do have to have these ideas funded, though, and not every idea makes a great fundraising proposal (at least not great enough for someone to hand over a chunk of money).

How did Edheads get started?

Eric Bort and Gail Wheatley are Edheads. They met in early 2000 when Eric was working for a bad company that was supposed to be doing work for the company where Gail previously worked. Turns out this company wasn't getting the work done for Gail and they also weren't paying Eric. When they met through a mutual friend, Eric and Gail had a long gripe session and then an even longer brainstorming session about how the Internet should really be used to educate. And then Edheads was almost born! It took nine months of filling out forms to get the non-profit tax status (yuck!) and working on a demo project that never did really turn out (yup, we finally gave up) and THEN Edheads was born! But it would still be a few more months before the first grant came in and the first activity, Simple Machines, would launch.

Where do you get all your ideas?

They come from a lot of places. Sometimes our users write in with ideas of activities they'd like to see (and no, sorry, we won't be producing things where hundreds of knee patients die violent deaths or you win by just having better eye-hand coordination than someone else) or scientists, corporations or teachers give us their ideas. We also have a LOT of ideas of our own, about 90% of which never see the light of day, which is really probably a pretty good thing. We also get ideas from the news of the day and what the exciting areas of research are that are making headlines. So, we are pretty open to ideas and there is no shortage of them. The problem seems to be coming up with ideas of how to get all the other ideas funded.

Who can I write to if I have specific questions or concerns?

E-mail for graphic, technical, sponsorship, educational, business, fundraising practices, and partnerships concerns, comments, or questions. Or, well, really anything else you can think of, too.

Who makes all this stuff?

Lots of different people! We work with teachers, kids, designers, writers and many others to create the full Edheads experience! If you would like to partner with us to develop new projects, please contact

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