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Virtual Hip Resurfacing Surgery Teacher's Guide
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Recommended Grade Levels: 7 - 12 and up 

WARNING: Some of the photographs and procedures in this surgery activity are rather graphic.

Tips for using the site with students      

1.     Before using this activity in class (or at home with your kids) go through the activity once to make sure it works correctly on your computer(s).

2.     If the activity does not load after clicking the 'start' button, you may be asked to download a Flash Player from Please click yes, as this allows you to view the Edheads Virtual Hip Resurfacing Surgery.

3.     If you are using an iPad or other iDevice, our games will not play without downloading an app or browser. We recommend the Puffin Academy browser, that is a moderated site limited to educational content for teachers and families to use. The Puffin Academy browser is FREE and can be found here.

4.     Your computer(s) will need to have some sort of sound output. Either speakers or headphones will work well. The majority of this activity has voice audio. We highly recommend headphones in a classroom setting. Hearing impaired students can turn on the subtitles by clicking the audio off button in the lower right corner of the screen.

5.     Students in the target grade-range will take approximately eight to fifteen minutes to complete the surgery working individually or in groups of two to three. Some students can get queasy using this activity, particularly when looking at the photos of real surgery. We recommend closely monitoring students when they experience this activity for the first time.

6.     After students use the site, teachers may want to discuss with their class why certain steps of surgery occurred in the order they did, or why these steps were performed at all. Asking questions such as “Why do you think the surgeon slices through the muscles in the direction the fibers run, instead of across the muscle fibers?” will get students thinking about WHY various steps exist or why they are accomplished as they are (cutting across muscle fibers increases pain and recovery time for the patient – following muscles fibers reduces pain and recovery time). Teachers can also ask questions such as, “What do you think the FIRST hip replacement surgery was like and how do you think it differed from today’s surgery?”

National Science Standards      

Content Standards

Grades 5-8:

1.     Understandings about scientific Inquiry.

2.     Understanding of structure and function in living systems, reproduction and heredity.

3.     Abilities of technological design and understandings about science and technology.

4.     Personal health risks and benefits, science and technology in society.

Grades 9-12:

1.     Understandings about scientific inquiry.

2.     Matter, energy and organization in living systems and behavior of organisms.

3.     Abilities of technological design, understandings about science and technology.

4.     Natural and human-induced hazards, science and technology in local, national, and global challenges.

5.     Understanding of the nature of scientific knowledge and science as a human endeavor. 


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