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Frequently Asked Questions about Membership
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This section is to answer the most common questions about Edheads' memberships. We will be adding to this page as we have more users and more questions come up.

I registered and paid, why is my account 'under review?'  I want to start accessing games now!

You should have been sent a 'click-back' email to confirm your email address.  We have to have this step in the system because students goof off and sign their teachers up for things the teachers don't want and also sign up for things using fictitious emails. The click back step makes certain we are dealing with a real person that really wants a subscription.  So please look for an email in your main account or your spam folder that asks you to confirm your email.  Once you do that, your account should be approved and ready to go!

My students try to log in but they get error messages or are asked to wait 5 minutes before attempting to log in again.

We recommend that you set up sub accounts, or student group log ins.  This will give you multiple group log ins.  If one log in temporarily locks up for 5 minutes due to 5 incorrect log in attempts, you can simply use another log in rather than waiting the 5 minutes.  To learn more about sub accounts, look for the sub account page in the pull down menu at the top of this page.

I'm looking for a game that I played with my students in the past.  Before I sign up for a membership, I want to know that it is still available.

All the 'old' games are still here!  Just to make certain, though, check the 'Games' pull down menu on the home page.  Under that menu, you will see the free games and the member games.  You should see the name of the game you are looking for there.  Don't remember the name of the game you liked?  Look under the Games tab for 'Game Information' (coming soon - not yet available).  That page has full information including a description of the game, educational standards met, a quick video of part of the game and screen shots.  

Can I pay with a Purchase Order?

We do not accept POs as payment.  You can pay online with a credit card or via ACH (bank-to-bank transfer).  If you would like to pay by (paper) check, please set up an account first by registering in the system, entering your address and information and choosing the type of account you want.  That will give us an account to apply the payment to when the check arrives.  Then you can mail the payment to :

PO Box 396
Hilliard, OH 43026
Please make sure your school name and/or teacher name are on the check stub, so we can easily apply the payment to the account you set up.  This process is currently taking roughly 10 days from the time a teacher thinks the check is mailed, to the time we receive it.  We are not sure if the delay is due to the check being mailed later than believed or if the US Postal Service takes significantly longer than three days to deliver the checks. Rest assured we will credit your account and activate it as soon as the check arrives! 


How do I know if the games will work on my students' computers or devices?

The majority of Edheads' games are in Flash.  These games will no longer work with iPads. However, through the end of 2020, they will work for PCs, laptops and android devices.  We are trying to raise the money to convert games to HTML5, but as of this writing, only have the money to convert one game.  We will continue to try to raise money and also we will launch new games, but pleae email us at to see if the game you are interested in will be available when you want to use it.

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