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Compound/Odd Machine Game Information
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Compound/Odd Machine

Recommended Grade Levels:  2-6 (ages 6-12)


Run Time:  approximately 10-15 minutes.  


Story Line:  The robot from Simple Machines is back!  He’s inviting students into his basement to see a gigantic, crazy machine.  The user is asked to predict what various parts of the machine do and what forces are in play.  There is a short animation after each answer to demonstrate the forces involved.


Technical:  This is a Flash game, so you will need the Puffin Academy Browser if you are going to play this game on a mobile device.   We also recommend having ear buds to play the activity in class or in public areas.  Speakers are fine for home use. 


Screen Shots:






Educational Standards:  (this will be updated to Common Core and NGSS soon) 

Second Grade Content Standards

Physical Sciences

1.     The motion of objects can be observed and measured.

c. the way to change how something is moving is to give it a push or a pull. The size of the change is related to the strength, or the amount of ‘force,’ of the push or pull. d. tools and machines are used to apply pushes and pulls (forces) to make things move.

Investigation and Experimentation

a. make predictions based on patterns of observation rather than random guessing.

Third Grade Content Standards

Physical Sciences

1.     Energy and matter have multiple forms and can be changed from one form to another.

d. energy can be carried from one place to another by waves, such as water waves and sound, by electric current, and by moving objects.

Earth and Space Sciences

Grade 3:

3.     Identify contact/noncontact forces that affect motion of an object (e.g., gravity, magnetism and collision).

4.     Predict the changes when an object experiences a force (e.g., a push or pull, weight and friction).


Fourth Grade Content Standards

Investigation and Experimentation

c. formulate predictions and justify predictions based on cause and effect relationships.


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