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Simple Machines Game Information
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Simple Machines


Recommended Grade Levels:  2-6 (ages 6-12)


Run Time:  If students search for all 10 machines in all four rooms of the house and identify compound machines in the tool shed, it will take them approximately 35-45 minutes.  However, if time is limited, students can search one room at a time, for about 10 minutes of class time.


Story Line:  There’s a robot living in a house on a hill.  He’s very personable and he has a house full of simple machines (and a shed of compound machines).  Students have to actively search for, click on and identify 10 simple machines in each of the rooms of the Robot’s house:  the kitchen, the bed room, the garage and the bathroom.  Spoiler alert!  There are some really interesting things in this house!  For each simple machine found, the user is asked to click on what the machine does and then what identify type of simple machine it is.  Following each correct answer, there is a short animation of how the machine works.


Technical:  This is a Flash game, so you will need the Puffin Academy Browser if you are going to play this game on a mobile device.   We also recommend having ear buds to play the activity in class or in public areas.  Speakers are fine for home use. 


Screen Shots:






Educational Standards:  (this will be updated to Common Core and NGSS soon)

While the new Ohio Academic Content Standards for Science no longer specifically mention Simple Machines, there are many standards, such as force and motion, that can be met by teaching Simple Machines or using them to illustrate the various concepts outlined below. The standards below could be met or expanded upon by the Simple Machines activities on the Edheads site.

Physical Science Standards

Grade 1:

1.     Explain or predict the motion of an object.

2.     Explore the effects of some objects on other objects, even when the two objects might not touch.

3.     Investigate a variety of ways of making things move and what causes them to change speed, direction and/or stop.

Grade 2:

1.     Tools and machines are used to apply pushes and pulls (forces) to make things move.

Grade 3:

1.     Machines and living things convert stored energy to motion and heat.

2.     Explain how objects are put into motion by pushes or pulls and the change in motion depends on the strength of the push or pull.


Science and Technology

Grade K:

1.     Develop an understanding that the use of tools and machines can be helpful or harmful.

2.     Know that each kind of tool has a special purpose.


Grade 1:

1.     Know that when parts are put together they can do things that they could not do by themselves.

2.     Investigate that tools are used to help make things and some things cannot be made without tools.


Grade 6:

1.     Know that decisions about the use of products and systems can result in desirable or undesirable consequences.


Scientific Inquiry

Grade 1:

1.     Work in a small group, then share findings with others.


Scientific Ways of Knowing

Grade K:

1.     Recognize that people are more likely to accept your ideas if you can give good reasons for them.

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