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Edheads reaches all 50 states, and 66 countries, including many US military bases!

Edheads empowers students to pursue fulfilling, productive careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. We tie school to work by reinforcing basic skills and demonstrating how they are applied in STEM careers. We provide teacher-tested games and experiences that make learning about STEM subjects fun and expose students to STEM careers that they may not otherwise learn about. Best of all, we provide these resources for free!

Edheads levels the playing field for students in underserved urban and rural school districts. We increase the career trajectories of students, as well as increasing the STEM pipeline. We envision a future in which more students are exposed to STEM concepts in grades K-12 and then go on to enter the workforce with college degrees in STEM subjects. This will reduce the current skills gap and allow the economy to flourish

Our children are tomorrow’s leaders, and their zip codes shouldn’t dictate their likelihood of future success. Your support of Edheads allows us to continue delivering high-quality, educational games and experiences to the schools and students who need them most, at no cost to them. Please support our mission with a generous donation today. 

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Edheads: By the Numbers

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Over 150 million students have been engaged by science, tech, engineering, and math via Edheads’ content.

Teachers Support
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95% of teachers agree or strongly agree that Edheads impacts STEM education in a positive way. 

Like Science After
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In a survey conducted by RMC Research Corporation, a whopping 86% of students reported a better opinion of science because of Edheads. 

Have STEM Dreams
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An incredible 76% of K-12 students using the site after school intend to pursue a career in science, math or technology

Making the Most of Your Donation

You can’t get more fiscally responsible than Edheads. Here are some ideas about what your donations could do for the STEM world. 

$25 Donation

We can reach over 30,000 students with our existing games! In the process, reinforcing what they are learning in school and sparking their interest in high-paying, in-demand careers.

$100 Donation

We can reach all the students in the largest school districts in the country, which are typically the ones that need the most help in graduating students ready to work or continue their education toward productive careers.


$500 Donation

We can experiment with new technologies and test them with teachers and students in schools.

$5k Donation

We can update the technology in a game from our library, reintroducing students of today to our medicine, meteorology, and engineering games. These games—lost to changing web technology—are asked about on a daily basis.