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Looking to learn more about careers that are changing the world? STEM Pros will introduce you to new careers in science, technology, engineering, and math!  Suitable for all grade levels!

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Watch interviews with some of the young and talented STEM Pros and find out about new exciting careers, the challenges these experts faced, and how you can achieve YOUR science dreams! Suitable for all grade levels!

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Investigate real-life scientific mysteries by using your skills of deduction, observation, and investigatory spirit! 

Cracks in the House Mystery

Grades 9-12 What is causing the cracks on the wall of an old house? The Mystery Bill is a general contractor hired to do some remodeling of a living room. This project was supposed to involve primarily sanding and painting walls, new trim around windows and some wall mounted cabinets.

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Burning Bush

Grades 3-5 Why does one bush grow faster than another? The Mystery: Gabby loved plants! She knew that someday she would have a job that would let her work with plants all day. Because Gabby was so interested in growing flowers and bushes, her family let her take care of

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Decreasing Hedgehogs Mystery

Grades 6-8 Why are the hedgehogs disappearing? Mystery The European Hedgehog is a common mammal found in many regions of Europe, and they live mainly in areas with hedges, trees, and grassland. They are popular with gardeners and benefit the health and survival of gardens because of their diet, which

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Historic Hotel

Grades 6-12 Is this hotel ready for its grand reopening? The Mystery An architect worked on a review of a historic building that was originally constructed as a hotel around 1910 on Florida’s east coast. Over time the building had been turned into apartments and became dilapidated. The current owner

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Photo: healthy salt marsh

Wetlands Mystery

Grades 5-8 A new golf course was built in Florida. The golf course was built over some existing marshes, which in Florida requires the builder of the course to create more marshlands somewhere else. These newly created marshlands, called mitigation areas (mitigating, or making up for the loss of wetlands),

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air currents

Friendly Floatees

Grades 6-8 Why do bath toys appear on the world’s beaches? The Mystery In late 1992, bath toys started washing up on the shore in Alaska. Years later, more toys continued to appear around the globe. Places such as the U.K., Australia, and the east coast of the United States

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STEM Mystery: War Ships Splitting

Grades 9-2 What caused WWII Liberty Ships to Crack and Split? Mystery During World War II (1941-45), the United States provided ammunition and supplies to allies, Britain and France, to help them resist the onslaught by German forces. These supplies included over 2700 ships known as “Liberty ships” which were

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